Brzechwa Jan

Brzechwa Jan (PL)

Страницы автора на других языках и псевдонимы: Бжехва Ян
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Пол: мужской
Язык страницы автора: Польский
Дата рождения: 15 August 1898
Дата смерти: 2 July 1966
Место смерти: Warsaw, Poland
ID автора: 17505
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за день: 7
за неделю: 52
за месяц: 112
за год: 112
за все время: 19681
Brzechwa was born in Żmerynka, Podolia. His father was a railway engineer and Jan spent a lot of his childhood travelling around Eastern Poland ("Kresy") with his family. Brzechwa studied at a Jesuit high school, Zakład Naukowo-Wychowawczy Ojców Jezuitów w Chyrowie (Scientific and Educational Department of the Jesuit Fathers in Chyrów), and upon moving from Podolia to Warsaw, he graduated from the School of Law at the Warsaw University. During the Polish-Soviet War, he volunteered for the 36th Regiment of the Academic Infantry Legion, a formation composed of university students and was decorated for his service. His formal writing debut took place in 1920 by way of various humor magazines. He worked as a lawyer and attorney for the Polish Society of Authors and Composers (ZAIKS) where he specialized and excelled in copyright law.[citation needed]
Brzechwa was a cousin of another famous Polish poet, Bolesław Leśmian. He was married twice and had a daughter, Krystyna, from his first marriage.
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