A Lick Of Frost
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Merry Gentry

Страниц: 60
Символов: 398341
Прочитал: 1
ID: 90270
Язык книги: Английский
Год печати: 2007
Издательство: Ballantine Books
Создана 31 мая 2009 20:00


10.0 / 10

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A faerie princess turned private investigator in a world where faeries are not only known to the general public, but are also fashionable, the title heroine is Princess Meredith NicEssus, also known as Merry Gentry. As niece to Andais, The Queen of Air and Darkness, she is a royal of the Unseelie Court. While her aunt tried to kill her as a child, she has since offered her the title as crown princess as the Court needs more heirs.Введите сюда краткую аннотацию

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