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It undulated across the cliff top in complete seclusion, glistening white with more curves than Marilyn Monroe. Built on several levels into the rocks, the property meandered down towards the Mediterranean like the most glamorous tree house in the world. Private nooks and crannies scattered the grounds; secret hideaways waiting to be discovered. The underground master suite came complete with an outdoor bathroom for starlit bathing, and the sunbathing deck elevated in the trees was accessible only via a rope bridge. It was a magical place designed with hedonism and unadulterated luxury in mind, and, knowing Lucien, this was destined to be a work-hard, play-hard summer.

“Of course he did. Good old Mr. K,” Kara grinned, kicking off her boots as she wandered into the huge sunken lounge, her fingers trailing over the backs of the deep suede sofas piled high with pillows. She paused by the floor-to-ceiling glass doors offering a panoramic view out over the turquoise sea. “I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, Soph.”

Sophie thanked their driver for bringing in the cases and closed the front door, smiling at Kara, whilst thinking privately that beautiful as it was, it wouldn’t be quite perfect until Lucien came home.

He’d flown out to Ibiza ten days previously, and every day without him was one too many. She missed his presence beside her in the day, and she missed his body on hers in bed at night.

Theirs had been an unconventional and emotionally fraught road to love, and the last five years together had served only to deepen the bond between them. The arrival of baby Tilly had cemented their relationship, and the little girl had very soon become Sophie’s main rival for Lucien’s affections. Not that she minded; it did odd and beautiful things to her heart to see her big, handsome Viking twisted around the little finger of his infant daughter.

For the next couple of weeks though, she’d have Lucien to herself whilst the baby was thoroughly spoiled by her grandparents back in the UK. Then she would join them in Ibiza along with Esther, their live-in nanny.

“Important question coming up Soph, so stop mooning over that man and pay attention,” Kara said, with insight born of long experience, peeling off her t-shirt and frayed denim shorts to reveal a red and white striped bikini. Her eyes scanned the fully stocked bar. “Mimosa or mojito?”

Kara loaded the drinks tray in the kitchen ready to head out to where Sophie had set up camp beside the pool. Her friend’s life had altered beyond recognition from the first moment she’d encountered Lucien Knight, and Kara’s had changed right along with it. She hadn’t needed to think twice when Sophie had asked her if she’d like to go into business with her, and their lingerie and adult toy boutiques were going from strength to strength. They’d established one in each of Lucien’s clubs, and they were here in Ibiza to oversee the launch of boutique number ten.

Becoming a mother had necessitated Sophie taking a step back over the last year, and Kara had gladly stepped up, especially after the soap opera style drama she’d unwillingly played out with Richard last summer. Dick the Prick, Lucien had christened him, after he’d stood her up at the altar. “Should I have him killed?” he’d asked as he hugged her, and for a few long seconds Kara had actually considered it. He’d shrugged when she’d finally declined, murmuring coolly that the offer was always there if she changed her mind. Kara harboured no doubt that he was a man of his word.

She’d hit rock bottom for a while back there, and now the idea of some time away from the overwhelming support of her outraged family and sympathetic friends was one of the reasons that Sophie’s suggestion of spending the summer in Ibiza had been such a welcome escape.

Sun, sand and no sex. Perfect.

Sophie was at the front door before the engine of Lucien’s Ferrari had even stilled in the driveway, and she had the joy of watching the expression on his face slide from bland to unadulterated pleasure in a heartbeat. He was out of the car and in front of her in seconds.

“You’re early,” he murmured, his arms already around her. He lifted her clean off her feet and slipped his palms down her body until he cupped her backside in his big warm hands.

“I missed you,” Sophie murmured, and saw the smile kiss his lips a second before his mouth covered hers. Five years on since she’d first kissed this man, he still had the power to melt her with just one touch, one slide of his tongue against hers. As hello kisses went, it ranked up there with the very best of them.

“I can fuck you here against the front door, or I can fuck you in our bed. I don’t mind, as long as I fuck you in the next three minutes,” he said hoarsely, as he pressed his body against hers.

Sophie could feel his cock straining between her legs and bit gently down on his lip with a soft laugh. “Cool it tiger. Kara’s out by the pool.”

Lucien groaned and slid his fingers inside her bikini bottoms. “Feels like you’re ready too, Princess,” he whispered into her mouth, his sure fingers stroking slowly over her clitoris until she moaned softly too. His hand lingered as he deepened the kiss, taking the time to dip his finger inside her before rearranging her bikini with a regretful sigh.

By the time Kara wandered in a couple of minutes later, they’d made it as far as the kitchen.

“Hey Mr. K,” Kara grinned and stood on tiptoes to plant a kiss on Lucien’s cheek. “Did ya miss me?”

“I survived,” he said dryly, tugging lightly on her ponytail before slinging his arm around Sophie’s waist and kissing her shoulder. “I missed Sophie more.”

Kara laughed. “Get a room, love birds.”

“We have one. Sophie said we can’t go there yet because I have to be polite.”

Sophie smacked him in the ribs and crossed to load the dishwasher, safe in the knowledge that Kara and Lucien’s sparring was underscored with mutual affection.

She tuned out as they talked shop for a few minutes, Kara quizzing Lucien on the readiness of the club and boutique. Business acumen was one of the traits that bonded Kara and Lucien as friends, and Sophie usually enjoyed the way Kara was unafraid to challenge him. But right now, her mind was on other things. As she tuned back in again she realised that Lucien had drawn his mobile out of his jeans and was talking to someone. Within minutes a driver had materialised to take an eager Kara down to the club to have a nose around, and she silently thanked her friend for her tactical withdrawal. If Lucien didn’t get her alone soon he was in danger of spontaneously combusting. And quite possibly, so was she.

Kara let herself into the club with Lucien’s keys, looking forward to seeing the development for herself. She and Sophie had followed it closely from back home in the UK via email updates and photos, but experience had taught them that despite the common perception to the contrary, the camera can actually lie. Bad workmanship could be disguised with a few carefully positioned props, and slow developments can appear faster with the right omissions and clever lighting.

She knew the club layout pretty well from studying the plans, well enough to know that the boutique lay just off to the left of the main vestibule. Kara took a moment to appreciate the effort that had gone into transforming the club’s interior to meet Lucien’s exacting, opulent standards. Lavish and sexy, full of the promise of pleasure with its curvy, embracing seats and sensual colour scheme, the interior already exuded the exotic glamour that so successfully seduced customers the instant they crossed the threshold.

Kara had never set foot inside an adult club before Sophie and Lucien had offered her the opportunity to join the business. She well remembered her first eye-opening visit with Sophie at her side, and marvelled even now at how what had once seemed outrageous now struck her as entirely routine. Kara had been instantly fascinated, and over the years she’d entrenched herself firmly in the world of adult pleasure, from a strictly commercial perspective. Or mainly so. It was impossible not to feel the frisson of it at times. She’d gone quickly from a toy novice to an industry expert, thanks to the trade shows and exhibitions she attended on behalf of Knight Inc., usually with Sophie at her side. They’d become well-known faces around the industry, one blonde, one brunette, one shared aim of making their boutiques a runaway success.