Heirs of Empire
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Fifth Empire

Страниц: 125
Символов: 787999
Прочитал: 1
ID: 127925
Язык книги: Английский
Год печати: 1996
Издательство: Baen
Создана 2 декабря 2010 13:49


10.0 / 10

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 As guilty pleasures go, the sequel to The Armageddon Inheritance probably isn’t the equal of a cholesterol-laden hot fudge sundae?but it’s close. In this installment, Humanity’s Emperor Colin has to deal with subjects who want to overthrow him and a superbomb so powerful it makes an atomic weapon look like just another Fourth of July sparkler. Meanwhile, the heirs to the throne are marooned on a distant planet, where, in addition to worrying about how to get home, they somehow have to remedy a religious conflict they’ve managed to set off. Weber combines science fiction, fantasy and a sly sense of humor into a novel that may be a tad silly but is definitely a whole lot of fun.

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