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Young) 2001 Drowned World Tour (tour director Jamie King; MD Stuart

Price; choreography Jamie King, Alex Magno) 2004 Re-Invention World Tour (tour director Jamie King; MD

Stuart Price; choreography Jamie King, Talauega Brothers, Liz

Imperio) 2006 Confessions World Tour (tour director Jamie King; MD Stuart

Price; choreography Jamie King)


1972 (untitled) short Super-8 film project starring Madonna, Carol

Belanger and a fried egg (dir. Wyn Cooper) 1980 A Certain Sacrifice (dir. Stephen Jon Lewicki, 60 mins).

Madonna plays Bruna 1983 Vision Quest, aka Crazy For You (dir. Harold Becker, 105 mins).

Plays cameo

1985 Desperately Seeking Susan (dir. Susan Seidelman, 104 mins). Plays Susan

1986 Shanghai Surprise (dir. Jim Goddard, 90 mins). Plays Gloria Tatlock

1987 Who's That Girl (dir. James Foley 92 mins). PLays Nikki Finn

1988 Bloodhounds of Broadway (dir. Howard Brookner, 93 mins). Plays Hortense

1990 Dick Tracy (dir. Warren Beatty, 103 mins). Plays Breathless Mahoney

1991 Truth or Dare / (outside USA) In Bed with Madonna (dir. Alex Keshishian, 119 mins)

1992 A League of Their Own (dir. Penny Marshall, 128 mins). Plays Mae «Alt-The-Way-Mae» Mordabito

1992 Shadows and Fog (dir. Woody Allen, 86 mins). Plays Marie, the Strongman's wife

1993 Body of Evidence (dir. Ulrich Edel, 101 mins). Plays Rebecca Carlson

1993 Dangerous Game (dir. Abel Ferrara, 108 mins). Plays Sarah

Jennings 1995 Blue in the Face (dir. Paul Auster, Wayne Wang, 89 mins).

Plays a Singing Telegram

1995 Four Rooms (dir. Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, 98 mins). Plays Elspeth in The Missing Ingredient

1996 Evita (dir. Alan Parker, 134 mins). Plays Eva Peron 1996 Girl 6 (dir. Spike Lee, 108 mins). Plays Boss № 3

2000 The Next Best Thing (dir. John Schlesinger, 108 mins). Plays

Abbie Reynolds 2002 Swept Away (dir. Guy Ritchie, 86 mins). Plays Amber

Leighton 2002 Die Another Day (dir. Lee Tamahori, 133 mins). Plays Vanity,

the fencing instructor 2005 I'm Going to Tell You a Secret (dir. Jonas Akerlund, 148 mins) 2007 Arthur and the Invisibles (dir. Luc Besson, 103 mins). Voice

of Princess Selenia 2007 Filth and Wisdom (dir. Madonna, 30 mins)

Записи концертов и сборники клипов

1984 Madonna (dir. Steve Baron, Mary Lambert, video, 17 mins)

1985 The Virgin Tour — Live (dir. Danny Kleinman, 50 mins) 1987 Who's That Girl? — Live in Japan (dir. Mitchell Sinoway,

92 mins)

1988 Ciao Italia — Live from Italy (dir. Egbert van Hees, 100 mins) 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour Live (dir. David Mallet 112 mins) 1990 Blond Ambition — Japan Tour 90 (dir. Mark Aldo Miceli, 105 mins) 1990 The Immaculate Collection (dir. various, 60 mins)

1993 The Girlie Show — Live Down Under (dir. Mark Aldo Miceli, 118 mins)

1999 Madonna: The Video Collection 93–99 (dir. various, 67 mins)

2001 Drowned World Tour 2001 (dir. Hamish Hamilton, 105 mins) 2007 The Confessions Tour — Live from London (CD + DVD) (dir.

Jonas Akerlund, 121 mins)

Театральные роли

1987 Goose and Tomtom by David Rabe. Lincoln Center Theater workshop. Played Lorraine

1988 Speed-the-Plow by David Mamet. Produced by the Lincoln Center Theatre at the Royale Theater, Broadway. Played Karen

2002 Up for Grabs by David Williamson, Wyndham's Theatre, London. Played Loren


1992 Sex (Warner Books / Callaway)

1994 The Girlie Show (Callaway)

1996 The Making of Evita, by Alan Parker, with foreword by Madonna (HarperCollins)

2003 X-STaTIC PR0=CeSS (photographs by Steven Klein, limited edition art book, hand-bound and printed in Italy)

2004 Nobody Knows Me (rare photographs commented on by «an Icon and her angels», publication for one month only via Madonna's official website, madonna.com)

2003 The English Roses (illus. Jeffrey Fulvimari, Puffin)

2003 Mr Peabody's Apples (illus. Loren Long, Puffin)

2004 Yakov and the Seven Thieves (illus. Gennady Spirin, Puffin)

2004 The Adventures of Abdi (illus. Andrej Dugin, Puffin)

2005 Lotsa De Casha (illus. Rui Paes, Puffin)

2006 The English Roses — Too Good to Be True (illus. Stacy Peterson, Puffin)