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Sylvia June Day  is a Japanese American writer of romance novels. She also writes under the pseudonyms S.J. Day and Livia Dare. She is a number one bestselling author in 28 countries.

Day writes romance novels, speculative/paranormal fiction, historical fiction, and futuristic fiction (under the pseudonym Livia Dare). She has also published fiction under the pseudonym S. J. Day, and non-fiction.
She is the co-founder of Passionate Ink, a special interest chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA),[2] and served on RWA's Board of Directors from 2009-13. She was the 22nd President of RWA.
She presents workshops for writing groups and has been a speaker at events such as the RT Booklovers Convention, Romance Writers of America's National Convention, and Comic-Con.
In March 2013, Harlequin Enterprises and Hearst Corporation announced the signing of Day to a seven-figure contract to write two novellas to launch "Cosmo Red Hot Reads from Harlequin," a new collaboration between the publisher and communications giant.
In June 2013, Penguin USA agreed on an eight-figure deal for two more "Crossfire" books, with Penguin UK acquiring UK and Commonwealth rights for an additional seven-figures.
In January 2014, Macmillan's St. Martin's Press announced a two-book, eight-figure agreement with Day for a new "Blacklist" series. Penguin UK acquired UK and Commonwealth rights to the series[8] for an additional seven-figures.
Day's Crossfire series has 13 million English-language copies in print and international rights licensed in over 40 territories as of January 2014.[10]
Bared to You was #4 on the's list of top 10 best-selling books of 2012, #5 on iTunes' Top Ten Books of the Year, and #7 on Bookscan's Top 10 Print Book Sales of 2012 – Adult Fiction.
The Crossfire series has been acquired by Lionsgate Television Group for television adaptation.