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Interviews — Lectures — In-Person Programs

Alcatraz Former Inmates

Dale Stamphill, Morton Sobell, Tom Kent, John Dekker, Willie Radkay, Leon “Whitey” Thompson, Glenn Nathan Williams, Robert Luke, Jim Quillen, Ben Rayborn, Darwin Coon, Herbert “Lucky” Juelich, and Jerie Bremmeyer.

Correctional Officers

Philip R. Bergen, Clifford Fish, George DeVincenzi, Ned Ubben, Jerry Wheeler, John Robinson, Frank Heaney, John Hernon, Irving Levinson, Al Bloomquist, James Dukes, John McGoran, Joe Landers, Louis Nelson, Bill Long, Pat Mahoney, Larry Quilligan, Dale Cox, Orrin Maybee, Kingston Witchez, Robert E. Sutter, and Father Bernie Bush.

Former Residents and Correctional Staff / Inmate Relatives

Chuck Stucker, Bob Orr, Thomas Reeves, Bud Hart, Joyce Ritz, Herb Faulk, Don Bowden, John Brunner, Dick Fisher, Kathryn O’Brien, Larry Boyd, Jean Comerford, Harold Clark, Nancy Bertelsen, Ernest Lageson, Agnes Roberts, Phyllis Panter, Jerry Casey, Michael Walter, Cliff Mickleson, Betty Horvath, Ray Stewart, Stanley Stewart, Robert Stites, Jolene Babyak, Renee Keith, Nielen Dickens, and Dena Freeman.

Photography and Illustration Credits

The primary source for prisoner catalog photographs, letters, documents and illustrations are courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration and/or United States Library of Congress Historic Records Collection. Additional sources were used for a variety of the images included in this publication. Specific catalog collection numbers / facility locations or to associate photographs with their specific archive locations, please refer to the print version of this publication.

Images in this collection were all used by permission from the following archival sources:

Al Capone Museum, Mario Gomes Collection

Alcatraz Alumni Association, Courtesy Chuck Stucker

Anne Miller Family Collection

Associated Press Archives

Author’s Historical Artifact and Photograph Collection

Bureau of Prisons Archives

California State Archives

Don Denevi Collection, Golden Gate National Recreation Area, Parks Archives, Associated Press Photograph, GOGA Catalog index numbers provided in the print version.