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Научная фантастика
Оценка: 8.5 (2)
Научная фантастика (Сборник) (СИ) 18+

LaNague Federation

Страниц: 44
Символов: 277502
ID: 118472
Язык книги: Английский
Оригинальный язык книги: Английский
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Создана 28 октября 2010 14:32


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Healer (Book 3 of the LaNague Series) is the stunning conclusion of the LaNague Federation Trilogy. The Outworld Imperium began as a rebellion by colonials seeking independence. Two centuries later it is a bloated bureaucratic "business" - a business that produces nothing. Its income is not derived from a free exchange for goods or services, but from taxation. Its a business that never shows a profit, is always in the red, and continually borrows to make up staggering deficits Peter LaNague's unique revolution sets out to topple the entrenched Outworld Imperium as well as fundamentally altering every Outworlder's concept of government. To accomplish this he must ally himself with a madman, trust the word of the last of Sol System's robber barons, make incisive use of the consummate warriors from the planet Flint (without allowing them to run amok), confound at every turn the omnipresent forces of the Imperium, and, every now and then, make it rain money. Those are the easy parts. LaNague's greatest challenge is to see his plan through to successful completion without becoming the very enemy he has vowed to destroy. Short stories "Lipidleggin'" and "Ratman" are reprinted in this edition as well as an introduction by the author. F. Paul Wilson is the bestselling author of more than thirty novels and 100 short stories. Over seven million copies of his books are in print in the US; his work has been translated into twenty-four foreign languages. A practicing physician, he resides at the Jersey Shore with his wife Mary.

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